Why Smokers Love SmokeStik

SmokeStik has come to be synonymous with quality in the minds of many electronic cigarette vapers, and because of this, some of its competitors have experimented with making and offering high-end products of their own. The results were not quite what they have hoped: their offerings certainly came with a similar price tag—some even cost almost double of a SmokeStik—yet the quality of their offerings came short of SmokeStik standards.

Let’s us break down what makes the SmokeStik special, shall we?

Reliability of the Battery

Smokestiks ecigThe battery powers the e-cig, of course, and without the battery you’ll only have a collection of curios plastic parts. For many vapers, the battery is the key, as it defines how long you have to wait for your first nicotine hit, and how long a vaping session you can have before you need to recharge. The quality of the battery also determines how long you can use them before they need to be replaced with new ones.

The SmokeStik battery passes all these tests with flying colours, and compared with other battery brands the SmokeStik battery has always demonstrated its superiority. Amazingly, SmokeStik even took the time and the trouble to improve its batteries to even new heights, which is indicative of how dedicated the manufacturers are to quality.

Quality of the Vapor

The vapour that the electronic cigarette produces is what provides you with the taste that comes with your nicotine intake. For a rich and satisfying vaping experience, the quality of the vapour is crucial: it must be voluminous and the electronic cigarette must produce it smoothly and quickly to give you the nicotine you want every time you puff.

The low-resistance nature of the cartomisers along with the aforementioned efficiency of the battery assures all SmokeStik users of just that. In addition, SmokeStik has now begun to offer XL cartomisers, which carry twice as much E-liquid as the standard cartomisers of other brands. You’d think that this means that the price would be doubly expensive, but you’d be wrong to think so—the 5-pack XL cartomisers cost only $27.95. This is only a bit higher than the price of regular 5-pack cartomisers, and certainly not double at all.

Appearance and Design

This is perhaps the most striking and eye-catching feature of a typical SmokeStik starter kit. Of course, there’s no really such thing as a typical SmokeStik e-cig, as SmokeStik offers a great many variations, with different coloured LED lights. You can have your basic stainless steel look or your minimalist black, but you can also opt for blue and red as well. You can even get it in pink. What they all have in common is this unmistakable air of elegance and sophistication.

Some people began their cigarette habit in an effort to look cool, and the sleekness and visual appeal of the SmokeStik means that former cigarette smokers can retain the coolness factor. The only thing they have to give up is not the “coolness” at all, but all those nasty things that cause cancer. If you can look this good and be healthy as well, it’s no wonder that so many people have fallen in love with the SmokeStik.

Now although we liked Smokstik, it is no where near the best electronic cigarette on the market, take a look at our homepage for more reviews.

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