Which is the superior choice to suit your needs, Android or iPad?

Buying a tablet device is a fun task, but first you need to make a decision! In case you are not entirely aware, your two only realistic options are either an Android or iPad tablet device. In general, you will be happy no matter which side you choose to pick. Both offer amazing products. But if you have specific requirements or tasks you need to do on your tablet, you’ll need to take a closer look at which is most suitable.

Both Android tablets and iPad’s may appear to serve the same purpose or function, but believe me, they do have their differences.. I have to say first up, maybe to me some of the differences between the two choices are a big deal – but they may not necessarily be for you. So take this in to consideration when reading my considerations and thoughts below.

If we choose the iPad, we know that we are getting an awesome tablet no matter which way we look at it. We can say the same for Apple’s operating system, or OS. If you’ve ever had a chance to use an iPad, you’ll know that it is fast, fun and easy to use. Transitioning from menu to menu is simple, and transitions are really quite enjoyable. I have to say, the iPad is genuinely impressive. It looks, feels and works very well.

Android tablets, while being a newer operating system – when compared to the iPad – offer a whole lot more choice for the end user. If you appreciate extensive choice, you may be shocked to discover that Apple really only offers you the option of storage capacity with the iPad. Not a deal breaker for all, but without a doubt for some it certainly would be.

Thanks to the open platform that Android is comprised of, you have access to many Android based tablets, across dozens of manufacturers, all competing for your purchase and offering you the best of the best with respect to quality hardware and components.

Compared with Apple’s iPad, which doesn’t offer that much end-user options – with Android, you will enjoy all of the choices the iPad provides, and also considerably more. Once more, this really is all made possible thanks to Androids’ open source os. You can thank the open Android platform for all the tablets on offer. Google unquestionably went the right way when it acquired the Android OS, in allowing it to be an open platform. Assuming you’re picky on the requirements – Android is most definitely for you. Go on, select how big display you want to – as a matter of fact, go ahead and select which kind of display technology you’d prefer, too. IPS display? No worries – there is a manufacturer on the market with an IPS display in any size display you’d like. Prefer to take all of your media with you, including music, photos and shows?

Overall, choosing Android provides you with an unmatched – and when comparing and contrasting to Apple’s iPad – an unmatched variety of options to decide on the device that meets your particular needs.

If we look beyond just the totally obvious differences and benefits Android has got with regards to customer choice – we could quite possibly say, and fairly too, that Android tablets are, generally speaking, packed with newer technology. And the reason why this is so is actually quite simple. You can find new Android devices being produced all year long and as a result, there’s continuously a new device available to buy with the most recent technology. Unlike with announcing the same product on a once-a-year cycle, Android devices have a more rapid benefit from advancements in technological innovation. With the iPad, you need to wait a year for the up coming one to come out before you get a taste of the newer and quicker technology, or refined processors.

While the iPad without doubt has a great set of equipment, I can’t help but feel technological innovation is slowly drip fed to me when it comes down to Apple devices. It feels like each time an innovative new iPad is developed, it’s equaling the top Android devices for only a short period of time before it will be outdone. When we then have a look at Android, we’re spoiled for choice – with innovative tablets always entering the marketplace, offering the the best in terms of mobile computing power. At any stage of the year, you can buy a tablet which is packaged with a new processor.

Together the iPad and various Android tablets are fantastic devices, that do an outstanding job at what they’re used for. After all, If it wasn’t for Apple and Android devices, we’d currently have almost no choice when it came to tablet or even mobile computing. Despite that, everything really does come down to personal taste. When searching for a new tablet, you’re undoubtedly searching for a device that needs to fill a specific need – be it internet browsing, looking at emails or perhaps watching some videos online – and for that you’ll need to make your own decision on what device is the most suitable for you. In my situation, Android is the most suitable decision and that’s precisely what I choose to opt for each time I upgrade! That being said and done, I wish you good luck in finding the right tablet for you!

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