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Lets start the way we always do with a video review, so you can see what you get and how it works:



Our Review

Vapor Couture is marketed directly for women, but personally I don’t see any reason for men to use it as well, ok, so there are some accessories that are only suited to the ladies, like a nice purse to stick it in, but the general design and look is suited for both. The electronic cigarette is just great, we had no problems with it at all, and it is very close to the V2 Cigs product as far as performance is concerned, so if you want an ecigarette that looks stylish and packs the performance you can’t really go wrong with Vapor Couture!

How it works
Following the main design from V2 Cigs, they have stuck with the 2 piece design as all the top manufacturers are using, and for good reason! The battery is automatic and is activated when the smoker takes a draw from the cigarette, the battery heats the atomizer which then produces the vapor, and it is this vapor that passes through the remainder of the cartridge where the flavoring and nicotine is added. Simple but effective!

Nicotine levels
Vapor Couture have a good selection of nicotine levels, which means that it will suit the majority, if not all smoking types. Obviously if you are a heavy smoker start out with the high percentage of nicotine and start working your way down gradually if this is what you desire.

Starter kits
The starter kit that Vapor Couture offer gives you everything you need, and I would always recommend starting with this. If you love the product, which I’m sure you will, you can then start adding accessories to build your kit up.

Flavors on offer
There is a whole host of flavors on offer, something to suit everyone, from traditional tobacco to cherry and chocolate. I know for most regular smokers that this sounds disgusting, but I would try a selection pack if I were you, I’m pretty sure you will surprise yourself with the flavors you like!


A great electronic cigarette for the ladies and for the men, if you want to read more then we recommend reading this Vapor Couture Review.

Overall We Score the Vapor Couture’s Electronic Cigarette

4 out of 5 stars


4 out of 5 stars!


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