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Another great electronic cigarette brand, which we are pleased to present is the V2 Cigs product, lets see it in action:

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Our Review

V2 Cigs has taken the electronic cigarette sector by storm, and a lot of people think that their product is the best on the market. We also agree that it is a fantastic ecigarette, but the only flaw was the lack of flavor compared to Green Smoke for example. With that said, if you prefer a lighter flavored ecigarette, then V2 Cigs maybe the product for you. Note, their nicotine levels are mostly the same as the other brands, so the effect is as good, and in comparison with the majority of brands a lot better!

How it works
Similar to most brands now, V2 Cigs uses the 2 piece design, comprising of the battert and the cartimizer, (which is the cartridge and atomizer in one unit). The reason the top playes are going with the 2 piece design is that each time you change the cartridge you get a new cartimizer that gives you the added bonus of freshness each time, and no hassles with having to clean anything!

Nicotine levels
Again V2 Cigs offer a number of levels of nicotine on their cartimizers, so whether you a 5 pack a day person, or a casual smoker, you will find a level that suits you, our tip is to try them all out, as the flavors obviously change according to the level of nicotine. And remember, nicotine isn’t bad for you, its the burning of thousands of chemicals produced by tobacco smoke that does the damage, so you don’t need to worry about that!

Starter kits
V2 Cigs have just released a new model, and including it in their starter kits which means the kits are definetely the way to save moeny. We recommend as we do with all new electronic cigarette smokers to strat out with the starter kit. This way you get to experience the full potential of the product without braking the bank on accessaries that you don’t really need. The starter pack is complete with everything you need to start your esmoking adventure! Remember to buy a variety pack of cartridges to give those other flavors a chance!

Flavors on offer
There are a variety of flavors available, and they are introducing and improving them all the time. You have to try the flavors no matter how discusting they sound, they are there because the demand is high, and you never know, you might be one of those people in high demand for them! Play around with the nicotine levels as well, this may change the flavor slightly, my personal favorite is mentol, I have no idea why as I was never a menthol smoker and hated the thought of them! Although SmokeTastic awarded V2 Cigs their number one spot we went with 4.5 stars!

Overall We Score the V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette

4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 stars

If you are wanting more information, then we recommend reading SmokeTastic’s site and specifically their V2 Cigs Review.

Coupon Code:  offer853601

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