Uk Police and Bomb Disposal Squads Vs The E Cigarette

Imagine the scene; you have booked a nice holiday or day trip and your on your way back, its a full bus and you have m few hours before you can enjoy your next cigarette. Ah, you have an electronic cigarette in your bag, that will get you through the next few hours. You take a few puffs, next thing you know you have armed police pointing their guns at you, the army have blocked your coach in and the bomb disposal team are itching to see what you’ve got in your bag. This was reality in the UK, as an innocent member of public was enjoying his electronic cigarette!

Police had got a tip off that their was a member of public acting suspiciously on the M6 toll rad in the UK on a crowded coach, and as “precaution” decided to take action, and action it was! A section of the M6 was closed and the police treated the whole scene as a possible terrorist attempt. This has got to be very embarissing to the UK police, but they can always say that they would prefer to take preventative action. The poor members of public on the bus must have been very frightened!

So is this good or bad news for the electronic cigarette, well I believe its actually good news, its very hard for the electronic cigarette manufacturers to advertise their products especially as a quit smoking device, and thats exactly how it was reported on the BBC. So millions of people watched the news on tv, and hearing that it was all over a legal electronic cigarette that someone was using to try to give up smoking. All the terms that the e cigarette companies would put in an advert if they were allowed to do so.

The one thing that I have to add, is that if you are an esmoker, and want to smoke in a small public place, do so, don’t try and hid the fact, and especially don’t blow the vapor in your bag, this story shows that a smoking bag can look very suspicious! If you find it hard to smoke in such a place, blow the vapor in your hands, the vapor is so fine that you are not going to get wet, and the vapor will evaporate a lot quicker. If you do get confronted, as some members of the public may believe your smoking a normal cigarette, offer them a puff, this often disolves the situation immediately, and by now everyone would have heard of them, its often a great conversation starter, and you can all have a joke about it, even bring this story up! Your not going to call the bomb squad on me are you!!

Well happy vaporing and continue enjoying your electronic cigarette.



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