The Safe Cig Micro Review

Safecig logoElectronic cigarettes have always been considered by informed buyers, as the safer alternative to actual tobacco cigarettes. With a brand name like Safe Cig, these manufacturers are making sure that you don’t ever forget. The only potential hitch to Safe Cig’s range of electronic cigarette starter kits is that the prices weren’t exactly “safe” for the state of your wallet. The highest quality of the four starter kits Safe Cig offers include extra batteries, additional refill cartridges, and more accessories you can shake a (cigarette) stick at. It also costs a rather astronomical price of $189.95, which can make some cigarette smokers forget what the big deal was about health and safety in the first place. Even the most “affordable” starter kit comes with a $59.95 price tag, which may be a bit hefty for social or casual smokers. Eventually the Safe Cig makers recognised this as well, and now we have the Safe Cig Micro as a result.

The E-cig Device

the safecig kitThe Safe Cig Micro comes with a more affordable $29.98 price tag, which should assuage casual smokers.

The Micro comes in a box that resembles a traditional cigarette pack, which means it is compact and light. To use it, you just get the charger from the side compartment and insert a battery from the top of the pack. You then connect the charger to a USB port until the light turns green. This means that you can now smoke (or rather “vape”, as it were) until you need to recharge again. The charge is good for at least fifty puffs, which is about the equivalent of smoking five real cigarettes in succession.

The Flavours

Some uninformed people have voiced fears that cutesy flavours such as vanilla and cherry may make the e-cig more appealing to minors. This is, of course arrant nonsense, or the big tobacco companies would have done this themselves. As it is, there are more children taking up smoking than ever before, so the absence of peanut butter-flavoured cigarettes does not seem to have acted as an effective deterrent.

Safe Cig, on the other hand, has decided to play it safe when it comes to flavours, though there are more of them available these days. The flavours are either standard tobacco or menthol varieties. What stands are the rather exotic variations of the standard tobacco flavour, as they have names like Brazilian, Columbian, Turkish, and Moroccan. Perhaps Safe Cig is catering to an international market, and they are making sure that their customers have a taste of home, while American and European customers try out something more exotic. An alternate theory suggests that the flavours are indicative of the women who will be attracted to you when you use this particular e-cig. I hope that’s true, as they have a flavour named Royale as well—I can’t wait to whip out my Micro in the presence of Pippa Middleton. And just in case you’re wondering, I meant my Safe Cig Micro, and not any part of my anatomy that cannot be considered micro in any case.

The SafeCig is ok on our list, but by far from the best! Check out our homepage to see the best electronic cigarette chart.

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