The Olympic Year Madness!

The Olympics always brings something special to the country, and in the world of electronic cigarettes things are really moving at a fast pace. The amount of emails I am receiving about new product lines being released this summer, and special promotions for the Olympics is crazy!

This brings me some good news, it means that it keeps me buzy trying to keep on top of the best brands on the market, so stay tuned as new reviews will be uploaded very soon, well in fact in the next few days. Also I am going to have to change my rankings a little, after a couple of the manufacturers have released new lines, and its only fair that I rank each brand with their latest model.

So have you seen any electronic cigarettes at the Olympics? If you have I would love to hear from you, and if possible any pictures would be great. That would have to be an excellent advert for them, seeing the top athletes of the world puffing away on an electronic cigarette, but me thinks this may be a poor message to other want to be athletes, as the majority of electronic cigarette smokers use them to actually quit smoking. The question would arise as to why an athlete would be smoking in the first place. Perhaps we have a better chance of catching the coaches smoking, or certainly the members of the public! Anyhow, I’m really interested to see what pictures you can drag out, so please contact me if you have any.

One new bit of information I recieved a few days ago, was the release of vapor couture, its an electronic cigarette specifically for women, although that being the case, I still ordered one and gave it a go, check out their site, its a cracking electronic cigarette and I love it, I don’t believe just women can benifit from the slick looks! Anyhow I will be posting a complete video review of this brand and the new brands in the next couple of days as I mentioned.

If you have any stories of how the electronic cigarette helped you quit, or any general funny stories, I ‘m sure my readers would love to hear them, please contact me and let me know. Also I am working on a questionnaire, which when completed it sends me the information and after my analysis I can recommend the best brand to suit you. This is a personal one on one service that I will be introducing next month, so give it a go and again give me your feedback on whether you think its a good idea or not!


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