The Most Common Electronic Cigarette FAQs

Electronic Cigarette FAQSeveral decades ago, the public realized how dangerous their habit of smoking is; unfortunately many of them still could not quit smoking no matter how hard they tried. Luckily, with the advent of electronic cigarettes, chain smokers finally got a smoking cessation product that was worth their money. Ever since then, electronic cigarettes have been marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Currently, there are a considerably large number of electronic cigarette users. There are also those who are interested in switching to using electronic cigarettes, but are dubious whether they should or not. Thus, following are some of the most common Electronic Cigarette FAQs that are asked by different users.

1. What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that have a similar appearance as conventional cigarettes that vaporize nicotine, which is dissolved in propylene glycol and water. Instead of smoke, nicotine vapor mist is created by this device, which the users then inhale. While there is no combustion, real smoke or tobacco involved, but the mist in the lungs and mouth feels somewhat like cigarette smoke.

2. Are electronic cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes?

There is decent evidence that electronic cigarettes are indeed safer than regular, tobacco cigarettes. It is a well-known fact that smoking tobacco is quite harmful. It is also certain that electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco whatsoever. This is probably one of the reasons why smoking electronic cigarettes is safer than smoking regular cigarttes.

3. Are electronic cigarettes as safe as smokeless tobacco?

In comparison to smokeless tobacco, the range of safety of electronic cigarettes cannot be ascertained. Up till date, there are no substantial studies that indicate that using electronic cigarettes is potentially harmful. So, all that can be said at this point is that no doubt electronic cigarettes are a safe option, but they might or might not be safer than smokeless cigarettes.

4. Will I like electronic cigarettes or not?

Consumers always want to know whether they will actually enjoy smoking an electronic cigarette once they have purchased one. The fact is that they can never be certain since every user is different. However, they can still learn from the experiences of other users by reading their reviews about the electronic cigarettes they used.

5. Is smoking electronic cigarettes as expensive as smoking tobacco?

Smokers who smoke tobacco will be well aware how expensive their habit is. In comparison to smoking tobacco, electronic cigarettes offer a much cheaper alternative. One electronic cigarette cartridge is the same as an entire pack of tobacco cigarettes, but its price is significantly lesser and the cartridge can be refilled too.

6. Where can I purchase electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes cannot be purchased as easily in stores as on the internet. While they might be available in stores as well, but a much more extensive variety is available on the internet. Many different electronic cigarette brands have emerged that are now selling their electronic cigarettes online, making it more convenient for consumers to purchase these cigarettes.

7. Why don’t electronic cigarettes have the support of the anti-smoking groups and governments?

In most countries, there are no such concerted efforts to block the manufacturing of electronic cigarettes. The reason that some regulatory bodies in certain countries are not supporting electronic cigarettes is because they are legitimately responsible to ensure that a product like an electronic cigarette contains pure ingredients.

8. Can I smoke electronic cigarettes in no smoking areas?

The great thing about electronic cigarettes is that they can be used anywhere. No smoking usually restricts people from smoking regular tobacco cigarettes, but electronic cigarettes are certainly an exception. They contain no tobacco and no prohibitions have been set against smoking electronic cigarettes in no smoking areas. So, smokers can smoke electronic cigarettes in no smoking areas without worrying.

9. Will an electronic cigarette help me quit smoking?

This is one of the tricky questions since every smoker hopes to quit smoking when they first start smoking these electronic cigarettes. While electronic cigarettes are categorized among smoking cessation products but the results vary from one individual to the other. Nonetheless, users have reported that they were able to quit smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes.

These are one of the most common and general doubts that people have when they are consider switching to electronic cigarettes. So, these Electronic Cigarette FAQs will hopefully help clear all those doubts. Now take a look at the best electronic cigarettes available online!

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  2. Tanisha Insko says:

    It is really difficult to stop smoking because nicotine is very addictive, you can try some nicotine patches and some nicotine gum to curb addiction, but electronic cigarettes are the best!

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