South Beach Review

South Beach revamped their product line recently and produced the Deluxe kit, a great electronic cigarette, lets see it in action:

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Our Review

South Beach Smoke is one of the oldest brands on the market, and with that they bring a wealth of knowledge. With this knowledge they have just release a Deluxe version of their best selling electronic cigarette. Make sure you buy this one and not a special promotion on their other brands, they are more than likely just trying to get rid of their stock. The Deluxe kit competes with the best of them and is really your only choice in the South Beach Smoke range.

How it works
As all the best electronic cigarette brands are using the 2 piece design, South Beach Smoke is no different! Although we think that this is really the only decision the brands can go with, you cannot beat a fresh atomizer with each new cartridge, or cartimizer as they are now called (a name come from the combination of cartridge and atomizer).

Nicotine levels
South Beach Smoke offers a number of different nicotine levels, but recommend to go for the highest you can, the taste of electronic cigarettes is a little bit purer than traditional cigarettes and hence we need the high nicotine to get both the sense of smoking a cigarette and the nicotine our body is craving for.

Starter kits
Always go with the Deluxe kit, at least for now. No doubt they will be releasing new products and we will always be the first to update our reviews and table accordingly. The Deluxe kit has a starter pack option which gives you all the accessories you need to start eSmoking. If you like it you can always add additional items later down the road.

Flavors on offer
Thier flavors are great, plenty of choice and pleased to see they do menthol, which if you have read any of my other reviews you will know I am in love with!

Overall We Score the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

4 out of 5 stars


4 out of 5 stars!

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