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We have to say that Sky Cigs is our favourite brand, they have produced a great product, lets take a look at the Sky Cig in action:

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Our Review

Sky Cigs has come in and filled a massive hole in the UK market for electronic cigarettes, and are officially ranked as the best selling product in the class. Other competitors just don’t come close, and consumers were forced to buy from American or European companies.

The brand’s cartomizers are designed specifically for Sky Cigs; this feature ensures that the specifications are unique, and they produce a number of variations to suit the market, so always give your feedback so they can improve and release new versions. SmokeTastic gave us some valuable insights into this brand, you can read their Sky Cigs Review to learn more.

How it works
Sky Cigs uses the two piece design which basically contains a battery and a cartomizer (this is a cartridge containing the flavouring with a built in atomizer). Theres no messing around with liquids trying to refill the cartridge, when its empty, simple dispose of the cartridge and add your new fresh one. This obviously means you get a frest atomizer with each refill!

Nicotine levels
Sky Cigs have a number of choices when it comes to the level of nicotine in their packs and range from 0 to 2.4% and a full flavor for nicotine crazy users!

Starter kits
Sky Cigs offers it customers a number of different starter kits with varying prices, so if your just starting out, I recommend getting the starter kit, to make sure you like it and can cope with the change, then you can add the accessories when you choose. The starter kit comes with more than enough for you to get smoking, so don’t worry about getting a half complete package!

Flavors on offer
They have a number of flavours available, and my advice is to try them all, although I’m not a methol smoker, I really enjoy the menthol electronic cigarette, and from time to time fancy a bit of a change. Sky Cigs offer a tester pack, and you need to try them! Remember smoking an electronic cigarette is like changing brand of cigarette, it takes a bit of getting use too but after a little time, you really start to enjot them. Its then when you can really enjoy the additional flavours!

Overall We Score the Electronic Cigarette

5 out of 5 stars


5 out of 5 stars! Top Marks!

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