Other Electronic Cigarettes We Tested

During our testing, we looked at hundreds of electronic cigarettes, to bring you what we belive to be the most honest, and unique electronic cigarette reviews online! We thought we should also let you know some of the other brands that were included in our tests.

The Other Electronic Cigarettes

1. AltSmoke Electronic Cigarettes

AltSmoke is an electronic cigarette company that is well known for its above par customer service. This company was amongst the very first members to join the Electronic Cigarettes Association, stamping its commitment to quality of their products.

Another awesome quality about this brand is that they have a renowned shipping speed. They are also known to keep their word. For instance, if they say that they have a certain e-cigarette in stock from their website, then they have it ready for shipping at any moment.

To top it all, they have a 14 day money back guarantee on all their electronic cigarettes as well as a 6 month warranty on some select models. This is the company behind some awesome brands and models like the Riva, the Silver Bullet, the Yeti, the BB, and the Omega.

2. The Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

Blu Cig logoThis was one of the major pioneer e-cig companies. This explains its quick rise to becoming an industry leader. Over time, it has managed to cement its good reputation, making it one of the most popular e-cigarette brands.

This company came up with the unique blu pack which is very similar to an ordinary cigarette pack. This blu pack allows the user to carry up to 5 nicotine cartridges while also being able to charge their batteries on the go. And just like a good market leader, the Blu Cigs offers a 30 days money back guarantee, with a one year warranty on all their models. You also get free shipping if you are in the US.

3. Cigana Electronic Cigarettes

cigana ecigarette logoThis is a brand e-cig that looks exactly like the traditional cigarette. It offers a healthier alternative to smoking offering the same nicotine that every smoker craves minus the harmful toxins, second hand smoke, the ashes and the odor.

With the Cigana, you can comfortably smoke around your office desk or even around other non-smokers regardless of location without looking awkward and disrespectful.

4. Others

Other major brands of e-cigarettes that you can comfortably go for include the Gamucci, Envy, Epuffer, Instead electronic cigarettes, Elektrik blu, Janty, Bloog, Njoy, Luci, Pro Smoke, Smokeless Delight, The Safe Cig, Smoking Everywhere, White Cloud and VaporNine.

Gamucci ecigarette logonjoy ecigarette logoepuffer electronic cigaretteluci ecigarette logo

Choosing An Electronic Cigarette Brand

Below is a summary of some main points to consider when choosing an electronic cigarette brand to go for. Note that different people have different tastes and needs. So, take these as pointers together with the afore-mentioned considerations.


Only go for e-cigarettes that are favorably priced. Remember that one of the main reasons you are switching to e-cigs is because of the savings you get. An electronic cigarette that will cost you equal to or more than your traditional pack of cigarette may not be worth the cost if you ignore all the other benefits.


The company behind the e-cig model you go for should be a reputable one. It should have proved itself over time to care for its customers. This you can measure by looking at the kind of guarantees and warranty they offer with their e-cigarettes as well as how easy it is to get in touch with them. Also check to see if you will get free shipping with this company for your order.

Customer support

Top brands are made by companies which do not compromise on customer service. To ensure quality is maintained, they offer their contact details on their websites, including an inquiry or suggestion form, a telephone number (toll free or otherwise), an email and a postal address. You can easily get in touch with them to ask those burning questions you have, or to get assistance.

Money back/ satisfaction guarantee

A top brand will be confident with their products. Thus, they will proudly offer long periods of warranty and a guarantee on their products. Above this, they will welcome you to submit your feedback and testimonial after using their product.


The e-cigarette brand that you go for should always be readily available in the market. Most of the best brands available will ensure that this is so. They know that once they establish themselves as a top brand, they will have customers who mark their products as favorites. This is something that they would not afford to jeopardize.

Ease of use

A good brand of an e cigarette will be very easy to use. It takes in to account the expectation of the smoker. A smoker expects to pop out a stick of cigarette from the packet and light it up as quickly as possible. The same simplified process is replicated with the top brands’ e-cigs.

Why Go For E-Cigarettes?

Having looked at the different top brands of e-cigs and some of the considerations you should make while choosing your best fit, we also need to ask ourselves whether it is necessary to switch from the traditional cigarettes to the e-cigarettes.

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