Green Smoke Review

We really enjoyed testing the Green Smoke brand, they are are a premiership product that is the brand to beat! Lets take a look at their electronic cigarette from a Youtube review:


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Our Review

Green Smoke is one of the oldest brands out on the market, and one thing that they have done a little different to most other electronic cigarette companies is concentrate on building a name for themselves. This meant that rather than spending profits, they saw a chance to build there products further, and hence invested all their profits into building one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market. This produced the 2 piece design, where the cartridge and atomizer are built into the same unit, alot of the other companies saw this as a stupid waste of money, but Green Smoke went with the idea, and after a few months of success all the other top brands had no choice but to follow suit.

How it works
As mentioned, Green smoke use the 2 piece design, which means it only consists of a cartimizer and a battery. This is definetely something you need to make sure you get when choosing a brand, as you get a fresh atomizer with each replacement of the cartridge, producing great clean vapor, and hence no buid up of residue.

Nicotine levels
Green smoke have a vast amount of nicotine flavors available to suit all types of smokers, our top tip is to try each level as it does have a slight impact on the taste.

Starter kits
Green Smoke offers a number of different kits, some coming with a number of batteries, car chargers, carying cases etc. But we would recommend starting with the starter kit, this kit gives you all you need, but also try the variety pack of flavors, we think you will be surprised with the flavors you like!

Flavors on offer
Green Smoke offers a number of different flavors that include; absolute tobacco, tobacco gold, tobacco red label, menthol ice, mocha mist, vanilla dreams, smooth chocolate. However three of their flavors namely; mocha mist, smooth chocolate and vanilla dreams are currently available in only three states that include; California, Nevada and Oregon. This is mainly to do with their attraction to children, and we have to say its harsh but fair. We consulted with SmokeTastic and looked at their Green Smoke review before awarding this brand 5 stars!

Overall We Score the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette


5 out of 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars! Top marks!

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  1. […] Green Smoke ecigarette is a quality cigarette with disposable cartridges that produces a high smoke volume. The starter kit price for Green Smoke is $109.00 – $285.00. We recommend to buy a starter kit with 2 batteries or more. This “2 piece” electronic cigarette model comes with atomizer and cartridge combined called cartomizer. […]

  2. […] I smoke Malboro, this means I am use to changing brands.  This is what it feels like when you try Green Smoke, it feels like you are smoking another brand of cigarette, so whilst at first it may seem alien, if […]

  3. Rudney says:

    I have used the Green Smoke review to buy a starter kit. Its great, but I hear a lot about custom devices, how are these different?

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