Great Chocolate Gift Baskets

Finding chocolate gift baskets online is not difficult. Heck, with millions of gift basket sellers, all of whom seemingly have a website, blog, ebay store, amazon store and others of their own, well let’s just say there isn’t any shortage of available online places to buy gift baskets.
There are a few major players of course, although I won’t go into detail here, I do question buying gift baskets from them for a simple reason: are you really going to get something interesting and innovative from one of the largest online gift basket sellers in the country?
Wouldn’t you be better off, at least price wise instead of buying from one of these large sellers by going into a local retail store? I mean, a store like Target isn’t exactly known for selling the highest quality of food and wine, but they certainly get great deals on most everything, groceries included. It stands to reason that they likely get great deals on all the components of their gift baskets as well, after all, wouldn’t you love to see your products in every Target across the country? Personally, I certainly would. I mean, I can hardly imagine the number of sales something like that would bring in.
So what should you look for in a chocolate gift basket? Really it is pretty simple-high quality chocolate. One thing I learned during a recent trip to the Foodie mecca of San Francisco and their idyllic chocolatier TCHO, located downtown on the Embarcadero only a few blocks down from the food centric redeveloped Ferry Building which is famous in its own right- there are evidently only twelve companies across the entire United States whom make chocolate from the ground up. As it turns out, mostly everyone who you think makes chocolate, buys chocolate from one of these 12 (or one of their competitors overseas) remelts it and adds some flavor or other components.
Pretty crazy huh? (no, I am not going to list all 12 here, some things are better off left for homework)
Anyway, they make some amazing chocolate as well as other products like hot cocoa mix and coffee flavoring. Overall though, it’s a fun visit to feel a bit more like Willy Wonka than you ever thought you could. Personally, I was never that into that movie before visiting, but after seeing a real working chocolate factory I can understand the fascination.

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