The Ultimate Electronic Cigarette Guide

We show you the top electronic cigarette brands in action! We have videos of all our reviewed products, so you can tell straight away if it’s right for you, saving a lot of time reading dribble and sometimes not so helpful trivia! With that said, let’s look at the best electronic cigarette brands currently available on the net:

Our Top Rankings Electronic Cigarettes







number1 V2 Cigs logo

Our number 1 rated electronic cigarette. Scored top marks throughout!


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number2 Green Smoke US ecigarette logo

Ah a Great e-cigarette! So close, but in at number 2, looking forward to their new models!


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number3 Vapor Couture logo

This Kit is just lovely! Not the best on the market but still great for the money.


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number4 Vantage Vapor logo

In at number 4, but watch this space for new releases I have a good feeling!


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number5 Southbeach smoke logo

Another impressive kit, it’s great for a beginner esmoker!


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Bottom of the League:




number6 Blu Cig logo

Blu Cigs, don’t really live up to the expectations.

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number7 Volcano E Cigs Logo

Volcano E Cigs, although very good, we spotted a number of flaws!

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number8  safecig logo

The Safe Cig, is quite a nice electronic cigarette, although quite pricey

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 number9  smokestik logo

SmokeStik is a relative new player and new to our chart

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 number10  Vapor4Life logo

Vapor4Life provide an ok electronic cigarette, worth considering

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Useful Tips to Choosing an Electronic Cigarette

Before deciding on which model or brand of electronic cigarette, there are some things you should take in to account. Doing so ensures that you get the perfect match for you, and completely fills the gap that your traditional cigarette had created. This move to electronic cigarettes should give you the equal pleasure and satisfaction so that you do not find yourself going back to the same old habit of tobacco smoking.

Your personality

E cigarettes come in a variety of colors and designs. Depending on your sophistication level and your personality, you should choose a matching color and design. Note also that the colors of the smoke (vapor) produced also varies. You may go for blue or green smoke.

The company behind the brand

It is important to dig deeper in to the track record and reputation that an electronic cigarette company has created among its clients. A good company and brand is one that always has the e-cigarette model of your choice always in stock. You do not want to start smoking a given model only for it to become scarce. Such a company is also readily available to answer your questions through phone, email or post.

To check on a company’s reputation, visit the various online forums where people discuss e-cigarettes. A little search on Google about the company and brand will also yield a lot of reviews and details about it. Also ask your friends, relatives and work colleagues who have made the switch on the best brands to go for. This way, you will get a first hand and unbiased testimonial. Take time doing research before you place your order.

The EE Cigarette Kit

Take a good note of what is on offer with each e-cig kit from the different brands. Look at the total number of cartridges, atomizers, batteries and USB chargers included within the kit, and at the offer price. Also look at how extensive the user manual is for each brand. Then go for the brand that offers you the best bargain.

The Components

Go through the technical details of your potential e-cig choice to get a deeper understanding. Some of the components you may want to investigate include the battery, the mouthpiece, the atomizer, the e-liquid and the charging system.

  1. The battery – Look at the battery life that your e-cigarette choice offers. Depending on how frequently you smoke, go for an e-cig with a battery that will be able to last you at least a whole day or two days. If you are a regular traveller, go for the electronic cigarettes that come with a car battery charger.
  2. The mouth piece – A good e-cigarette is the one that allows you to regularly change and replace its mouthpiece. This keeps your hygiene levels up while at the same time allowing you to continuously enjoy a top quality smoking experience. Those devices whose mouthpiece cannot be replaced are prone to getting dirty due to regular use. The result of this is infections and disease, bad odour, and a reduced quality smoking experience.
  3. The atomizer – E cigarettes may have two or three pieces. The two piece e-cigs have a battery and a cartridge. The three piece ones have a battery, a cartridge and an atomizer. The three piece cigarette is best for the person who requires a smoking solution where they can have regular refills. So, if you are a frequent smoker, you may want to go with the three piece e-cigarette options.
  4. The e-liquid – Depending on your level of addiction, some people will require more nicotine concentrations than others. It is therefore important to go with an electronic cigarette that allows you to adjust the nicotine concentrations in the e-liquid. Some models switch themselves off if you pass too much nicotine through them within a very short period of time. These are very ideal for the mild smoker who does not need heavy nicotine fixes. The same is true for anyone whose intention is to quit smoking altogether.

Vapor Volume

The amount of vapor produced also matters. The top brands will produce better smoke volumes which offer that authentic and satisfying smoking experience. Besides the vapor volume, you should also go for a flavor that makes you feel more satisfied. Most e-cigarettes will offer a variety of flavors to choose from.

The Cigarette Size

Depending on the size of the traditional smoke you were used to, you should seek for a matching e-cigarette size. For instance, if you were a pipe smoke, then you should go for the e-pipe. If you were a cigar smoker, you should go for the e-cigar. Basically, find a matching size with which you will not feel awkward smoking. Remember, the more comfortable you are with your choice of electronic cigarette, the more satisfied you will get after a smoking activity.

Warranties and Guarantees

Since you are introducing yourself to a new lifestyle method, it is wise to have your back covered. In this light, you should only go for an e-cigarette model or brand that is covered with a reasonable warranty and/or a guarantee. Being electronic gadgets, the e-cigs also have a chance of being faulty on delivery. If you are covered with a money back guarantee, you can easily return it to the seller in exchange for another one or for your money back.

The offer of a money back guarantee by a manufacturer also denotes their confidence in the e-cigarette that they are making. You should, therefore, interpret this as a vote of confident and a sign of quality of the product. So, when choosing your electronic cigarette, make sure that it is backed by a reasonable guarantee and a warranty. One of the best electronic cigarette brands is Green Smoke, we have some great Greensmoke coupon codes available to all our readers.

Nicotine Strength

As mentioned under the e-liquid tip, you should look for an e cigarette brand that offers varying levels of nicotine strengths, with the best brands being those that even offer a zero nicotine level. The brand should also allow you to enjoy various nicotine flavors like chocolate, mint, menthol, and others.


Electronic Cigarette Safety

Being electronic devices, these cigarettes need care during storage and while in use. Below are some tips to note.

a) Store on a dry surface – They should be carefully stored on a dry surface to protect the electric circuit from damage. Dampness can also cause rust within the circuits making the devices defective, thus rendering them ineffective.

b) Keep away from children and pets – Children can easily get poisoned by nicotine. They also happen to be more petite than adults, eating everything that comes their way. The same applies for pets. You should therefore store your e-cigarettes away from these two to avoid any mishaps.

c) Regularly replace – Aim to replace the mouthpiece of your e-cigarette at least once in every 3 months. This way, you will uphold your personal hygiene, wading off disease possibilities.

d) Use dry hands – When smoking your e-cigarette, always make sure that your hands are dry. This way, you will not introduce moisture on their surface that may infiltrate in to the circuit boards making them defective. In the same light, do not smoke while in the rain.

e) Avoid over-smoking – Taking in too much nicotine also has its health risks. You should try to moderate your smoking such that you only take enough to kill your craving but not more than enough to cause poisoning, disease and disorders.

f) Take shallow puffs – In some electronic cigarettes models, there is no automated circuit to switch off the device if you pass in a lot of air. They therefore cannot regulate the heating element. As a result, if you make a long and strong puff, the heat produced may melt out some of the plastic parts of the cigarette. This makes the device ineffective. Limit your puffs to about 2-3 seconds each to be on the safe side.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have all the information you need about electronic cigarettes, it is now time to make that order. Be sure to do some bit of research, with the help of this guide, before ordering.

Remember, when you switch from the traditional cigarette smoking to the electronic cigarette smoking, you are making large strides towards better health, a longer life, and better relationships. Make that choice today and experience the joy of smokeless smoking.

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