Drugs Remedies And Accessories For Gout Pain

Are there any gadgets or pieces of equipment that can help when my joints are-really painful? I put my foot up on the sofa and it seems to act as a magnet for the cat and small children – agony, as you can imagine.

You may well feel that any touch, even from the lightest bed-clothes, is too much to bear. The cheapest gadget might be a cardboard box – try a sturdy box that a small electrical appliance was packed in – as long as you have space to put your foot inside and to move it slightly as you rest or sleep. When you sit with your foot up on the sofa, place the box over your foot, making sure that it covers your foot completely. Don’t make the box look inviting to your cat, and keep it out of the way when not in use.

Adjustable beds and chairs are available, whose angle can be altered to give you a change of position. Such a chair can cost several hundred pounds, so ask your local social services department or Department for Work and Pensions (formerly the Benefits Agency) if you can get any help with their purchase. If you are receiving Income Support, the DWP may be able to give you help from the Social Fund. Many gadgets are available – some by mail order – for reaching out when you are confined to bed or the sofa, and you may find some useful. You can also use the remote control for the TV, video or radio. Telephone your nearest Disabled Living Centre (look in your phone book), and make an appointment to visit and discuss any help or aids you need. The organisation REMAP makes or adapts aids, when not commercially available, for people with disabilities.

We are looking forward to a holiday in the sun but the attacks are so unpredictable. Will the drugs help us plan for next summer?

Regular use of urate-lowering drugs should keep things on an even keel if you don’t change your drugs, diet, remedies for gout or exercise regimen drastically while you are away! Eat carefully, drink lots of water to avoid becoming dehydrated, and watch out for gastric upsets causing diarrhoea and/or vomiting (you may encounter a different group of bugs from those at home). Keep the information leaflet from your regular drugs and strong pain-killers with you in case of emergency. Some antibiotics are available without a prescription in parts .of Europe, and because some (e.g. ampicilltn) may interfere with the action of urate-lowering drugs, you should make sure that the pharmacist is aware of your regular medication.
The worst problem would be to have an acute gouty attack just before or during a journey. If you alert the airline in advance they can provide a wheelchair in the airport. They may provide you with extra leg-room if you have a gouty attack during the flight, provided there is space on the aircraft.

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