Do Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

This is a question that has been asked so many times, and we thought we should try and offer our readers the best possible answer. The answers that you may read online may be a little missleading as with all solutions to quit smoking. The electronic cigarette companies have actually been told by the FDA that they are not allowed to advertise their product as a stop smoking aid, but this really hasn’t put a dent in the sales as all advertising is effectively disallowed anyway! But do they help you quit smoking.

habit ecigarettesA lot of your friends may tell you that they used these devices to help them, but what you don’t realize is that you still need will power. Will power is the strongest prevention of cigarette smoking and without it you don’t really stand a chance. Sure the electronic cigarette is going to get you through a day if your not allowed to smoke in particular places, like the office, or in public, or even your car. But the cigarette always draws you back for the simple reason that you are not only addicted to cigarettes, but you are addicted to a specific brand of cigarettes. Remember how it feels when you go to the store to but a pack, and they have sold out of your brand, in desperation you pick your second choice, but the truth is you can’t wait to finish that pack and find a store that sells your specific brand. This is very similar to electronic cigarettes, you can smoke them and they get you through your immediate cravings, but you still can’t wait to smoke your regular brand, so you need a lot of will power to put up with the new device.

They do get you though the cravings, and those who smoke a multiple amount of brands have been found to accept and suceed with ecigarettes more than those who have been smoking their brand for years. We would try and encourage a new esmoker to think that their brand is no longer available and the electronic cigarette is your only alternative, or try and mix the flavors around until you find a company that fits closest to your brand. This is a personal judgement though, as many companies say they have particular flavors that match the famous brands, but this really is not the case.esmoker

Another thing to try is to move to electronic cigarettes over a course of a few days, i.e. reduce your regular cigarettes by half and replace the other with your ecigarette. This way you become more accustomed to the taste, and before long you will be more dependant upon the ecigarette that your normal brand. You can also start reducing the traditional smoking gradually over time, until you are only smoking vapor! This then leaves you with cutting the nicotine habit. As you know electronic cigarettes do have a nicotine level within the flavor cartridge, so you get the hit you need. When you are completely dependant on your device, try reducing the nicotine level gradually, until you are smoking 0% nicotine levels. By this time you will find that you can take or leave it, and you are completely cured of your nicotine habit. Remember though, its been a long journey, and think of this when you are out with friends who are smoking, and offer them the same advice!

So to answer the original question, we believe that electornic cigarettes can help, but you still need the will power to give up completely. Bare this in mind, don’t expect that you are not going to have cravings, and think of it as changing brand. If you can do that then its an easy road.

Good Luck!


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