Designing the Layout of Your Kitchen

Choosing the layout of your kitchen is a very personal decision.  We each have our own preferences and manners in which we prefer to cook and clean.  This is why there is no such thing as a generic kitchen design that will work for everyone.

Use these easy steps to help you plan the perfect kitchen layout for your needs;

-    Draw up a plan of your kitchen.  This should include accurate measurements of the entire space as well as the precise locations of your doors, windows, water and electrical outlets.

-    When planning, keep three major aspects in mind: cooking, cleaning and storage.  You will need adequate space for each of these main kitchen functions.

-    List all of your kitchen appliances and give them each a designated area in your kitchen.  Remember that you may want to leave some of your daily appliances out on the countertops while those used only on a weekly or monthly basis can be stored in one of your cabinets.
Once you have the layout of your kitchen planned, you can then focus on the more aesthetic points and concentrate on allowing your personality to really shine through.

Popular kitchen layouts include these four main options;

-    The Corridor Layout is perfect for a narrow kitchen design.  With two rows of cabinets and countertops facing each other, you can use the one section for cooking and cleaning and the other for storage.  Remember to allow a space of at least 1,2m between the rows so that you have more than enough room to move and access your cabinets.

-    The L-shaped design is, as the name suggests, in the shape of an ā€œLā€.  Most of your workspace is in the corner which gives you extra space to manoeuvre around.

-    The U-shaped kitchen is a popular one especially for smaller kitchens.  It really makes the most out of every inch of space.

-    The Island layout is more suited for larger kitchens.  It makes use of the L-shaped design with the addition of an island and the oven and hob are a standalone feature in the kitchen.  
This island can be used as a food preparation area as well as a dining space while cabinets below will provide you with additional storage space.  Keeping crockery, glasses and so forth in these cabinets will make place setting a breeze.

Square Kitchens Sheffield will design the layout of your kitchen to your exact requirements and a Project Manager will always be on hand to answer any queries or questions that may arise.

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