Customizing Your Electronic Cigarette

There are many people who talk about customising electronic cigarettes, and some even say that the manufacturers that we choose are basic, and not worth considering. Well they are wrong I’m afraid, its very similar to you buying a kit car, which you have to asseble yourself or a car straight out of the show room. Of course the mechanic who builds the kit car is going to say that he much prefers the car he built himself, but some people, myself included, just want to buy a device thats safe, easy to use and has the quality to match. This is what we use to rank our ecigarettes. But for those of you who wish to try out customising your ecigarette, I thought I would throw a little light on this subject!

You do not have to tinker with the atomizer or batteries to create a customized vapor, you just need to be able to control the watts going through your device, and that means you need to be able to have variable voltage (i.e change the voltage of the battery) and variable resistance (i.e change the resistance of the atomizer).

High Powered Electronic Cigarettes

So what is the meaning of high powered electronic cigarettes? What advantages do they provide?

First off, lets understand that with high powered devices, you do not have to such as hard to create the vapor, and the vapor is very good in volume, one draw back that some customers say is that the vapor is hotter, which to me adds in the effect of smoking a traditional cigarette.

Now reading that you might think that getting a higher voltage battery is best, but remember ohms law from school, Power = Voltage / Resistance? Well if you want high power, yes you need good voltage, but you also need less resistance, the resistance is cause by the atomizer. To put it simply, don’t always look at the voltage of the battery, although this is a simple check, always look at the resistance of the atomizer as well, and divide the voltage by the resistance, this will give you the power level of your electronic cigarette, i.e. the watts.

Expert vaporers like to acheive 10-12 watts of power, and often customize their electronic cigarettes to acheive this. We would recommend any newbie esmoker to start with the kits we offer on our homepage, and if you like these and want to advance; consider buying an electronic cigarette that can offer variable voltage/wattage, and varied resistant atomizers. This will ultimately give you the control to adjust the vapor to your personal favorite. One last note, make sure you have plenty of flavors to pick from, because its not always about the power!

One big disavantage with these variable devices is the ease of use. Yes you can control the power, but our big draw back is that you have to buy different batteries to achieve different voltage and you have to keep cleaning the atomizer, so not the easiest things to start off with. This is the main reason really why we do not rank these types of devices on our rankings chart, they are a completely different animal, and really for the more experience esmoker and people who like fidling around with their gadgets! If you want a cool easy to use device, which just requires charging then stick with our list, then if you get the urge move on to these as a test.

The image above shows the different batteries available to purchase with different voltages. The cost can mount up before you have found the perfect combination to suit you. I suggest wait a while until the variable voltage devices are available in one unit, they have just started releasing such products.

Hope that answers your questions!


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