Choosing Vapor4Life: A Vapor King E-cig Review

There’s an apocryphal story floating around about this smoker who went into a cigarette shop and wanted to try out various flavours. He asked how many flavours there were available, and the owner replied that they were in the hundreds. So the smoker tried one flavour at a time, until he heard the owner said, “That’s it.”

“What do you mean, that’s it?” the man sputtered. “I was counting! You said there were hundreds, and that was just 96!”

And the owner replied, “Sir, we have other brands. I just meant ‘that’s it’ referring to Vapor4Life, which has 96 flavours.”

Fantastic Variety of Flavours

Vapor 4 LifeBefore we even start with the Vapor4Life Vapor King, we really need to discuss the number of flavours first. Ninety-six is a staggering number of choices, especially when you consider that there are popular brands out there which just offers the standard tobacco taste, menthol, and perhaps cherry for variety. And when it comes to the number of flavour choices, Vapor4Life is simply unmatched. Nobody else even comes close to 96.

However, there is a certain logic to this diversity when you consider that there are numerous tobacco cigarette brands out there, and each one has its own distinct taste. Chances are that a smoker, who is looking for a safer alternative without forgoing the taste to which he or she has frown familiar, will find a reasonable facsimile in at least one of these flavours. For the more adventurous, other exotic flavours are available as well. Name a fruit, and it’s there. You can also find various types of cream and yes, even coffee flavours.

The Vapor King E-Cig Starter Kit

You can’t start enjoying all these choices without an actual electronic cigarette, and Vapor4Life offers several kinds of refillable starter kits. One of these starter kits is Vapor King, and this is a good choice—except for the fact that your choice doesn’t end there.

There are five variations in the Vapor4Life Vapor King product line. It starts with the basic Original Vapor King Slim Starter Kit at $29.95. It ends at the $69.50 Original Vapor King Ultimate Starter Kit, or I thought it did. Actually, there is something even beyond the Ultimate, and that is the $99.95 Original Vapor King Ultimate Ultimatum Starter Kit. Seriously, it’s the Ultimate Ultimatum. Who can beat that?

As for the kits themselves, the Slim Kit has the basic battery, charger, cartomiser pack, and carrying case. At the other end the Ultimate Ultimatum, has a bit more. A whole lot more, in fact.

With the Ultimate Ultimatum, you’ll get two rechargeable batteries and two high quality atomizers. You’ll receive a luxury carrying case along with a picket pouch. You’ll have several methods to recharge, whether with an electrical socket, a PC, or in your car.

And then you’d be faced with a couple of choices. Your first decision involves the strength and flavour of three bottles of eLiquid. Finally—and saving the best for last—you will receive 25 cartridges, and for each one you will have to decide the strength and the flavour. Aside from the flavours, Vapor4Life offers six nicotine strengths while other makers usually offer only four.

Other Considerations

The Vapor King batteries use lithium-ion technology that provides excellent performance. The longer cut-off threshold of 10 to13 seconds allows for improved drags, and a much better vaping experience. It also lasts for three to four hours before recharging, even with heavy use.

The battery also enables the Vapor King to produce an impressive amount of vapour, which also contributes to the overall superiority of the Vapor4Life Vapor King product line.


Sometimes the good news is also the bad news, and this is especially true for the wide range of choices that Vapor4Life offers to their customers. You’d think that all the important decision-making is over once you’ve settled on Vapor4Life Vapor King, and you’d be wrong. In fact, you’ve only just begun. The entire customisation process takes a bit of time, and there’s always the risk that the potential customer may just give up in frustration.


The philosophy of Vapor4Life seems easy enough to figure out. They are not there to tell you what you should want. They exist to provide what YOU want. Although they are no where near the best electronic cigarette out there they are however ok, and new users will be very satisfied.

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