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Vapor Couture Review

If your thinking about buying the the Vapor Couture ECigarette, then feel free to use our coupon to get 10% off! offer853601 – 10% off your purchase! Lets start the way we always do with a video review, so you can see what you get and how it works:     Our Review Vapor Couture […]

Vantage Vapor Review

If your thinking about buying the Vantage Vapor, then use our coupon to get 10% off your purchase! offer853601 – 10% off orders! To start things off lets look at what you get with Vantage Vapor and how it performs:     Our Review Vantage Vapor is a product produced by the famous V2 Cigs […]

The Safe Cig Micro Review

Electronic cigarettes have always been considered by informed buyers, as the safer alternative to actual tobacco cigarettes. With a brand name like Safe Cig, these manufacturers are making sure that you don’t ever forget. The only potential hitch to Safe Cig’s range of electronic cigarette starter kits is that the prices weren’t exactly “safe” for […]

Why Smokers Love SmokeStik

SmokeStik has come to be synonymous with quality in the minds of many electronic cigarette vapers, and because of this, some of its competitors have experimented with making and offering high-end products of their own. The results were not quite what they have hoped: their offerings certainly came with a similar price tag—some even cost […]

Choosing Vapor4Life: A Vapor King E-cig Review

There’s an apocryphal story floating around about this smoker who went into a cigarette shop and wanted to try out various flavours. He asked how many flavours there were available, and the owner replied that they were in the hundreds. So the smoker tried one flavour at a time, until he heard the owner said, […]

Blu Electronic Cigarette Review and Testimonial

As I was exploring my options in the electronic cigarette category, I realised that there are so many brands of ecigs available these days. Smoking, as a habit, is something that a lot of advocacy groups have tried to curb, especially those that are concerned about the potential health risks of smoking tobacco cigarettes – […]

Volcano Ecig Review and Performance Rating

Upon realizing that I may be doing myself more harm than good, I decided to switch to e-cigarettes. When I found out how many toxic substances there are in tobacco smoke, I couldn’t believe I’ve been smoking it for so long! The problem is that quitting the habit is easier said than done, and this […]

Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review from a User’s Experience

Over the years, I have been using various e-cig brands in my attempt to quit tobacco smoking. One of my most favourite brands is the Bull Smoke e-cigarette, not only because it has a variety of flavours to choose from, but also because the product quality is second to none. There are many Bull Smoke […]

Apollo Review

We have heard from a number of our readers that the Apollo Cigarette is one of your favorites, with that said we thought it only right that we also review their electronic cigarette. Lets start as we always do with a video review: If your thinking about buying the Apollo product, then feel free to […]

Sky Cigs Review

We have to say that Sky Cigs is our favourite brand, they have produced a great product, lets take a look at the Sky Cig in action: Before you buy Sky Cigs ecigarette, take a note of our coupon to get 10% off your purchase! Coupon Code:  becigs Our Review Sky Cigs has come in […]

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