Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review from a User’s Experience

Over the years, I have been using various e-cig brands in my attempt to quit tobacco smoking. One of my most favourite brands is the Bull Smoke e-cigarette, not only because it has a variety of flavours to choose from, but also because the product quality is second to none. There are many Bull Smoke electronic cigarette reviews online but I would like to write from a different perspective, specifically, from that of a customer’s. An important part of your buying experience is about how a company treats you as a paying customer, and this means that the price, quality, and customer service must be examined in great detail. And this is what my review is all about.

You can buy a Bull Smoke e-cig kit for $74.05 (approximately £47.25), which is about the same price as other high quality brands. A 5-pack cartomizer is fairly priced at $12.95 (£8.16) though the batteries may be a bit expensive at $99.95 (£63) for a 5-pack or $24.95 (£15.73) each. The Bull Smoke website, as well as reseller sites, offers various discounts as well.

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There are several questions that need to be answered in order to have a superior customer service experience.

  • Was the phone answered immediately when called? Yes.
  • Was the person on the other line the epitome of courtesy, even though you asked too many questions? Yes.
  • Was the person knowledgeable about Bull Smoke products and services so that there is no need for consulting other people and making you wait for the answer? Yes.

So in terms of customer service, Bull Smoke did a really good job.

Now, I would also like to talk about the product’s warranty, which involves two aspects. The first aspect is the length of time covered by the warranty—how long a company will allow you to fiddle with their product with assurance that it will be replaced if it gets broken shows just how much confidence the manufacturer has in its products. The longer the warranty period, the more confident the manufacturer is regarding the durability of its product. Some companies offer warranties of only a few months—some even offer it for a few weeks—and this implies that the product may be somewhat flimsy and that it will likely need a replacement in just a short period of time. At the other end of the spectrum are the companies that offer a lifetime warranty, by which they display the utmost confidence in their product’s durability. Bull Smoke is right in the middle, as it offers a 1-year warranty.

If the e-cigarette breaks down within a year, then you can send it back and it will be replaced free of charge. The term “free of charge” may be a bit misleading, however. Even though you won’t have to pay any extra fees for delivery to have the broken e-cig kit repaired, what you may not have realised is that you have already paid for this service in part. The length of the warranty means that the company anticipates that there will be a greater likelihood of replacement requests, so they have already recouped their anticipated delivery costs by increasing the price for a few of the e-cig components. In the case of the Bull Smoke kit, this 1-year warranty explains the rather expensive batteries.

The other aspect of an e-cig warranty concerns the schedule of replacement. Bull Smoke requires that you first send back the defective unit to their warehouse. Once it arrives, there will be a day or so for processing by the company. And then the new unit will be sent while you wait for the package delivery personnel to arrive at your doorstep. Despite the assurances from the company that the replacement will arrive as soon as possible, the entire procedure may take up to an interminable two weeks.

Not having a DVD player or another type of electronic device for two weeks is one thing, but two weeks without the delivery system for a substance to which you are probably addicted is another. If you can actually go through without nicotine for 14 days without adverse effects, then you may not really need Bull Smoke products to begin with. As such, if you have to send your unit back, you are faced with two options: either you have to switch back to regular cigarettes and risk your health, or you may have to buy another e-cig kit to serve your nicotine dependency while you wait.

Fortunately, based on my experience, I have discovered that the Bull Smoke kits are well made and are EXTREMELY DURABLE, so you probably won’t need a replacement kit anyway.

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