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It’s the pleasantly vacuous story of 1 girl and her have to browse mountainous waves. When she’s distracted with a footballer (Matthew Davis) Anne Marie (Kate Bosworth) is gearing up for a surf opposition in Hawaii. There’s also the little matter of inner struggles to become experienced, your competition happening in the same place where Anne Marie was nearly fatally grated by stones just a few weeks early in the day.
So much, so teenager upheaval, but Blue Crush is barely ashamed of its fibreglass-lite plan. There’s no cod mysticism, only a charming, unpretentious tone with plenty of frank references to gender and. Properly, loads more sex.
Which brings us to Bosworth. She might not be the absolute most scintillating actress presently creating a splash in Hollywood, but she sure seems great in a swimsuit. And manager John Stockwell (Crazy/Beautiful) knows precisely what Blue Crush’s biggest strength is. Therefore we get her bikini-clad friends and Bosworth searching fabulously toned, paddling and gliding their way through some dazzling underwater shots.
You would like more from the film? Well, there’s an aspirational girl-power concept hidden somewhere amid the mud and skin, and the creamy software is given an impression more push from the ever-edgy Michelle Rodriguez as Anne Marie’s teaching partner. Until you get your shoes from overweight American sportsmen lolling about in hula skirts – but that’s your lot.
Very little going on between your ears but this really is watchable material. Orange Crush must have teenage girls trotting down seriously to teenage males and the surf shop. Ok, we’ll keep it there.

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