Blu Electronic Cigarette Review and Testimonial

As I was exploring my options in the electronic cigarette category, I realised that there are so many brands of ecigs available these days. Smoking, as a habit, is something that a lot of advocacy groups have tried to curb, especially those that are concerned about the potential health risks of smoking tobacco cigarettes – not only to the smokers themselves but also to the people around them. The issue about how toxic tobacco smoke can be has also got me into rethinking my smoking lifestyle. While hesitant at first, reading the numerous Blu Electronic cigarette reviews online convinced me that this might be the best choice for me. For further analysis of all electronic cigarettes, take a look at SmokeTastic, the ultimate electronic cigarette review site.

Of course, the switch to ecigs from regular tobacco cigarettes, which I’ve been used to for almost five years was quite awkward and difficult at first. I got so used to regular tobacco cigarettes and I wasn’t sure if I could handle a battery-powered alternative. Before I tried my hand on ecigs I also tried nicotine gum and nicotine patches, but my body still craved for the puffing of the actual cigarette, and this is why the thought of using an ecig instead really appealed to me. Thankfully, the Blu electronic cigarette is so well designed and crafted that it didn’t take long for me to adjust to it. I’ve been on the Blu ecig for almost a year now, and I can honestly say that if I were to give my own Blu Electronic cigarette review, I have so many positive things to say about it.


This Ecig’s Easy to Adapt to

Since I was fairly new to the electronic cigarettes, I picked the Blu ecig starter kit. Blu is in itself a very recognisable brand in the world of electronic cigarettes, but as a newbie I truly appreciated the starter kit that they had available. I went with the Original Starter Kit, and it came with such interesting features that I was hooked from the first time I tried it out. The Blu ecig is of course recognisable for its signature glowing blue tip, but it also contains a built-in atomiser that’s responsible for the vapour. It also came with a flavour cartridge, which I got to try. The flavours made the whole experience very easy to adapt to, and because the Blu ecig is more or less the same size as a regular cigarette, the shift wasn’t as tough as I had expected.


Exciting Flavours to Choose From

Having been used to years of inhaling tobacco smoke and all the poisonous substances that it comes with, the exciting flavours that Blu ecig came with were truly refreshing for me. Of course, there’s the Classic Tobacco flavour that makes it just like a regular cigarette, but I was more interested in the unique flavours that they had available. I first tried out the Java Jolt, which is unmistakable for its coffee taste, and being a coffee aficionado myself, I was truly in heaven when I tried out this variety. I also got to try the Peach Schnapps, the Pina Colada and the Cherry Crush, which were all fruity and tropical. The Vivid Vanilla and the Magnificent Menthol flavours complete the wonderful choices.


The Importance of Batteries

With regular cigarettes, all I needed was a lighter or a match, and I was good to go. But since electronic cigarettes are battery-operated, they behave like any other electronic device that needs to be charged every so often. At first I encountered no problems with the batteries, but there came a time when I found the battery life a tad too short for my liking since I drive an hour to work and sometimes forget to charge the batteries before I leave. This minor problem is not really a cause for concern as long as you make sure that the batteries are charged on the go, and the starter kit makes this easy because it comes with 2 electronic cigarette batteries as well as 2 chargers – one for the wall and one USB charger that I can plug into my laptop anytime. The ecig pack can also hold 5 cartridges at once, charging the batteries on the go.


Safety First

Lastly, the fact that they put safety first is what I love about Blu ecigs. This wonderful product contains no tar, no ash, no smell, no tobacco, and most of all – no propylene glycol. I’ve read somewhere that some ecigarette brands contain this substance, which may also be harmful for the body though still not as dangerous as tobacco smoke. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about any of these with the Blu electronic cigarettes.

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