Advantages and Disadvantages Of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are devices made for smokers with the idea of replacing the conventional cigarette. It is a healthier alternative to the tobacco smoking and is even very helpful in stopping and the reduction of addiction that comes with the traditional cigarettes. There are many benefits and advantages associated with the use of electronic cigarettes.

However, just like with any other items, it also has its fair share of disadvantages and downsides. Following is a discussion of the benefits, or rather, the advantages and disadvantages of e cigarettes.

The Benefits/advantages of using E-Cigarettes

advantage iconNot toxins and no tar
A conventional cigarette smoke contains harmful toxins, carbon monoxide and tar. In it are over 4,000 different harmful poisons, all of which will not be found in an e cigarette. When using an e-cigarette, you only inhale vaporized nicotine that is produced from the vaporization of the propylene glycol, otherwise called the nicotine solution. If anything, you can have a tobacco flavor with your e-cig just to get that authentic tobacco smoking feel. In other words, smoking an electronic cigarette is a healthier smoking option.

advantage iconReduced smoking
Normally, with a traditional cigarette, you will get the urge to smoke the entire cigarette stick. However, with the e-cigarette, you quickly learn to control your smoking, taking in a few puffs and then putting it away for some other time. In the long run, you end up smoking less naturally, sometimes without even realizing it.

Another good thing with this electronic device is that it has a smart chip installed in to it. This chip detects the amounts of nicotine passing through. If too much of it is delivered within a short period of time, the chip turns off the product. In other words, this device helps you to control the levels of nicotine you take in thus controlling how much you smoke.

advantage iconMoney saving
A single e cigarette cartridge is almost equivalent to a full packet of cigarettes. On average, this cartridge goes for about 2 US dollars. On the other hand, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is about six US dollars. This means that if you go for the e-cig alternative, you will be saving about $4 for every pack. That’s a huge cost saving in the long run.

Some electronic cigarettes also come with refillable cartridges. This means that once you buy it, all you will have to do is buy refill e-liquid nicotine, otherwise called e-liquid. This goes for about a dollar on average. This means that you will now be saving even more because you will be spending about a dollar per pack.

advantage iconNo yellow fingers
It is very easy to tell if someone smokes the traditional cigarettes by simply looking at their teeth and fingers. As one smokes a stick of cigarette, it becomes shorter and shorter, eventually getting too close to the fingers that you use to hold the cigarette with. This means that a lot of smoke and soot is produced too close to your fingers thus staining them. You also get mild burns over time, darkening your fingers. The smoke effect also darkens your teeth over time, making them look brown and stained.

With the e-cigs, you will avoid both of these scenarios. Your fingers don’t get burned or stained, and so are your teeth. In other words, you will always look healthy and sharp that it will be hard for anyone to tell that you smoke, unless of course if they catch you in the act!

advantage iconNo second hand smoke
Unlike the conventional cigarettes, an electronic cigarette does not produce any second hand smoke. Research has shown that second hand smoke is even more harmful than smoking itself. So, when you switch to e-cigarettes, you will no longer have to worry about producing these toxic fumes that makes everyone around you so uncomfortable as you smoke. You will keep your family and your loved ones healthy and still enjoy your smoking experience. Note that the vapor produced from these e-cigs will look like real smoke but is only water vapor. It disappears within seconds.

advantage iconNo smoke or odor
Electronic cigarettes do not produce any smoke. All they produce is water vapor. In this water vapor that is produced, there are no harmful and poisonous pollutants. It therefore, has no odor like a traditional cigarette smoke. So, every time you puff out, you will just be giving out water vapor which disappears as fast as you see it.

Since the smoke that comes off these e-cigs is only water vapor and has no odor, you will say goodbye to the nasty smell of your breath, your clothes, your car and even your hair. You will, therefore, remain fresh and smelling great even after a smoking break.

advantage iconSmoke anywhere you want
Going for the e-cig gives you the license to smoke anywhere and anytime you want. You can do it indoors and even in places with a smoking ban. You will readily get your nicotine fix regardless of where you are, be it in a bar, in a restaurant, a library, in clubs, at home or even in the office. You no longer have to step out for a smoking break.

Again, since there are no ashes produced, you will be able to smoke even in your house or bedroom without the fear of having those burn holes on your carpet, your clothes and your beddings. You will also be saving yourself the cost of having your things deodorized and cleaned off the cigarette smell which is quite expensive.

advantage iconBetter health
Most users of the e cigarettes will testify to the health benefits of switching from the conventional cigarettes to the use of these devices. Many report feeling better, breathing better, and getting a better looking skin. This is the result of cutting off the toxins, the poisons and the tar that comes with cigarette smoking. Your body quickly notices this relief and reacts to it positively.

advantage iconCheaper insurance
Most insurance companies charge a little more to cover smokers. This is because such people are at a higher risk of getting ill due to the many poisons they take in to their body. As soon as you receive your first e-cigarette order, you should get in touch with your insurance company and let them know that you no longer smoke tobacco. You will most likely notice a drop in your monthly insurance costs. What a bonus this is!

advantage iconNo fires
Electronic cigarettes are non-flammable. You therefore do not need to carry a matchbox or a lighter with you everywhere you go. How is that for convenience? Again, since you will not be lighting anything up using fire, you also reduce the chances of causing fire accidents.

advantage iconLess waste
Conventional cigarettes come with ashes, cigarette butts, used match sticks, empty cigarette packets, waste chewing gum or sweet wrappers to clean off the bad breath, and one hell of a dirty ashtray. When one makes the switch to e-cigarettes, this becomes a thing of the past. You will also be eliminating over 99 percent of the air pollutants that come from tobacco smoke. How is that for a cleaner environment?

advantage iconImproved self esteem
The result of all the above mentioned benefits to a smoker is more confidence, better social skills, and a generally improved self esteem. You will feel better, look better, smell fresher and feel healthier and more alive. No one will even notice that you have a smoking habit. In line with this, you become a more productive person in your ventures.

These are some of the many benefits and advantages of making the switch from the traditional cigarette to the electronic cigarette. However, these e-cigs also have a few downsides. Below is the look at some of them.

The Disadvantages of E Cigarettes

There is very little to say when it comes to the cons associated with the e-cigs. This is because they practically take away all the ills associated with the traditional cigarette smoking and finding a fault in them is almost impossible. However, there are a few use-related disadvantages of the e-cigs.

Some electronic cigarette models are disposable. This means that they have no refillable cartridge, and no replaceable mouthpiece. You will therefore get some waste from using these. However, compared to the conventional cigarette that comes with ashes, butts, and used match sticks as the waste products, the wastes from disposable e-cigarettes is almost negligible.

Note that since these are electronic devices, care should be taken while disposing them. They should be disposed in accordance to your country’s electronic waste disposal policies.

disadvantageElectric shock
This is quite far fetched and the chances of it happening are almost non existent. However, it is good to note that since these are electronic devices, with some coming with chargers, there is a remote chance of electric shocks being experienced. Mishandling of these devices may lead to this and especially if children pick them up.

Due to the fact that people can smoke these e-cigarettes at any time anywhere, some people will get tempted to misuse this freedom. As much as you will not be all smelly and smoky, you should check yourself so that you do not offend other people as you get your dose of nicotine.

disadvantageLimited research
Being relatively new in the market, there is very little research that has been done to conclusively deduce the long term effects of using the e-cigarettes. As a result, we may not know if these devices will bring forth nasty side effects in the future. Care should therefore be taken when using them. Just use them when extremely necessary.

Overall, the advantages of switching from the traditional cigarette smoking to the new electronic cigarettes far outweigh the disadvantages. It is, therefore, safe to recommend a switch for the hardcore smoker. However, if you are not a smoker at all, be advised not to take on smoking even if you will start with the e-cig.

More Tips

While referring to the above list of advantages and disadvantages of the e-cigarette, you can now be able to easily decide whether they are for you. In the next chapter, we will highlight some tips that can help you quicken your switching process from the traditional cigarette to the e-cig. These tips will help you to identify the best model or brand to go for as well as what to look out for in your ideal electronic cigarette.

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