A Guide to SSL Certificates

Not absolutely all SSL certificates would be the same and every one type is significantly different for some reason. In this short article we will highlight some of the important features of SSL encryption, dedicated SSL, shared SSL, wildcard SSL and free SSL certificates.

When selecting a SSL for your internet business it is worth while taking a little time to think about and study what kind of SSL certification you require and what you can afford. There are many different types of certificates and they vary in price. The primary forms of SSL are committed, shared, wildcard and free. With lots of vendors of SSL’s online it pays to look around. Dedicated SSL Certificates are given specifically to the domain name of one’s website. Therefore in order to get yourself a focused document you have to have your own personal special area ending, like, or.co.uk.  Rates of domain names change but there are plenty of domain registrars online. With a dedicated document, it is not provided to any another domain name; these do not usually provide SSL safety for internet site sub-domains apart from or protected. 

If you wish for them to be protected with your SSL records then you would want a wildcard SSL to ensure that all your sub domains are all safe. A wildcard SSL enables you to protect unlimited sub-domains with only the one SSL. If you do not need to secure multiple sub-domains and you know precisely which sub-domains you need, it might be cheaper to have these added to a standard SSL document. Any trustworthy SSL supplier/reseller will advise you of this. You should also remember that industry leading SSL companies secure and automatically make use of their standard certificates. You’d not need a wildcard certificate simply to secure the web sub-domain. 

It is possible to get free SSL Certificates, but people take note that you get what you pay for. Free SSL’s may not have the required level of security or support to keep your internet site secure as  the other certificates have. Yet another thing to consider is to be mindful of where you receive a free one from as they may not be reliable and may only cause more harm than good! There are a few very reputable organizations that offer free, but keep it simple and do your research. It is also possible to get a free trial certificate from most SSL manufacturers. These certificates are entirely functional certificates but are time limited by between 30 and 60 days. 

When searching for an SSL one more thing to think about is the level of protection offered. Business standard is at an increased level of 256 bit encryption and 128 bit encryption can also be available. Several certificates will automatically secure at the higher level when it is possible. For obvious reasons the larger the bit encryption number, the better the security the SSL certificate can provide.

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