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The Best Electronic Cigarette Results

So which is the best electronic cigarette on the market. Well there is not a outright winner I am afraid to say, it really depends on your particular requirements. If your like the majority of people, who are looking for a convenient way to continue your smoking in public, or which to use it to […]

Do Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

This is a question that has been asked so many times, and we thought we should try and offer our readers the best possible answer. The answers that you may read online may be a little missleading as with all solutions to quit smoking. The electronic cigarette companies have actually been told by the FDA […]


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Customizing Your Electronic Cigarette

There are many people who talk about customising electronic cigarettes, and some even say that the manufacturers that we choose are basic, and not worth considering. Well they are wrong I’m afraid, its very similar to you buying a kit car, which you have to asseble yourself or a car straight out of the show […]

Uk Police and Bomb Disposal Squads Vs The E Cigarette

Imagine the scene; you have booked a nice holiday or day trip and your on your way back, its a full bus and you have m few hours before you can enjoy your next cigarette. Ah, you have an electronic cigarette in your bag, that will get you through the next few hours. You take […]

Apollo Review

We have heard from a number of our readers that the Apollo Cigarette is one of your favorites, with that said we thought it only right that we also review their electronic cigarette. Lets start as we always do with a video review: If your thinking about buying the Apollo product, then feel free to […]

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